The Type Attack app was written by Nigel Whitfield using Basic4Android, from Anywhere Software.

As such, it contains code from Google and Anywhere Software, as well as my own work. In addition, the following Basic4Android libraries are also used within the app

  • Admob, to display a small advert on the high scores page
  • Dialogs, for the pop-up text box to enter a winner's name
  • GameView, for the smooth animation
  • MESShareLibrary, to enable the sharing of a screenshot
  • Phone, for a simple way to open the device browser at this page
  • Reflection, to help with saving screenshots and working out the board size
  • SQL, to store the high scores
  • StringUtils, to enable measurement of the size of the instructions

Many thanks to the authors of those libraries. For more details, please visit the B4A Libraries page. Some other sample code has come from the B4A forums and wiki. Thanks to all the contributors to both.

The example app also uses a selection of typefaces from; those are