Chapter 5: Distributing your app

In this chapter of the magazine, we explore the different ways of getting your app to users, how you can help them find it, and whether or not you can make a fortune from coding. We show you how to set up on the Play Store, and how to include adverts in your app.

  • 128 Distributing your app
    We explain how to get users for your app, how much it'll cost - and the pitfalls to avoid
  • 134 STEP BY STEP: Publishing on Google Play
    Get your app ready and share it on the Play Store for Android users everywhere
  • 138 Money, money, money
    Find out how you can turn your hobby into a money-spinner with our look at ways to make money
  • 142 STEP BY STEP: Adding adverts to your app
    It's simple to include ads in your app

Page 142: Adding adverts to your app

The code you need for this step by step includes some changes to your app manifest, which we have included on this page. You can also download the complete code for Type Attack, which will just need your AdMob id inserted in the appropriate place, which you'll find in the highscores activity.