Chapter 1: Introducing Apps and BASIC

Most of the material in this chapter is introductory, including a crash course in BASIC, and an explanation of what you need to do to get started with creating apps for Android, so there aren't too many bits of code for you to copy and paste.

  • 8 Why write apps?
    It's fun, it's easier than you think - and you might even make some money
  • 12 Coding for Android
    Discover what it takes to write apps for phones and tablets running Android
  • 14 Introducing Basic4Android
    Learn how Basic4Android makes it simple to get started
  • 20 The fundamentals of BASIC
    Never programmed before? Our guide to BASIC will set you on the right path
  • 26 STEP BY STEP: Set up your tools
    Get your PC ready to start creating apps for Android
  • 32 Get to know Basic4Android
    Our visual guide shows you around Basic4Android

Page 21: Temperature conversion code

This short code segment is something we'll build on later, to create our temperature converter app:

Dim T, result As Float
Dim temperature As EditText
T = temperature.Text
result = (( T+40) * 9 / 5 ) -40
MsgBox(result,"Your result:")

Like other code examples we'll include on the website, just copy and paste the section in the different font.

Page 27: Setting up B4A

In this example, which begins on page 26, we explain in step 6 that there are three boxes to fill in with various settings. This is correct up until Basic4Android 3.80, which was released just before the magazine went on sale, after it was printer. In version 3.80 and later, there is an additional box, allowing you to create settings for shared code, which is something we'll explore later on in the magazine.